Assisted Living in Kiryat Tiv’on

The assisted living community in Tiv’on includes individuals who completed a rehabilitation process at the Hiram community in Harduf and people undergoing rehabilitation who arrive directly to the assisted living community. They live in apartments rented by the participants themselves in Tiv’on. The assisted living is designed to support a person in their life processes. These processed include questions about employment, social connections, creating and building an independent life. The rehabilitation programs are individual and are created through dialogue with the person, their desires, and abilities.

Throughout life crises appear and within them we learn together to identify them and understand what they’re trying to surface in the person’s life. We work with what the person is willing and able to share with us and with the specific method in which the person can be helped.

The work with the assisted living residents includes:

• Weekly meeting with a social worker

• Counselor guidance

a staff person that supports and accompanies in all areas of life based on the needs

• Employment guidance

at the Tachanat Ruach (windmill) centre that is managed and operated by the assisted living staff and residents

• Social and recreational activities

classes, workshops, social evenings, and trips to create a vibrant and warm social atmosphere