Small Support, Big meaning.

With your support we will improve quality of life at the rehabilitation centre, expand our work at the employment centres, upgrade our culture centre and improve accessibility of our stores.

Briefly, this is where your donation will go:

Upgrading the rehabilitation centre and rehabilitation process

While the state provides a personal support basket for each young person, it doesn’t provide budget for developing and improving the rehabilitation centre. With your support we will be able to:

Developing the Tachanat Ruach (Windmill) culture centre

Tachanat Ruach in Kiryat Tiv’on is a culture centre and café where most employees are young people in emotional crisis. The initiative was founded in order to integrate those in crisis into a working environment that connects them with the outside world alongside an embracing community. With your support we will be able to:

Upgrading and growing the house garden, our Sde Marpe (Field of Heailng) project

The house garden is a unique bio-dynamic organic field employing young people in field work. The agricultural holistic approach of the healing field is especially suitable for the rehabilitation and healing processes experienced by the young people being rehabilitated at Hiram. With your support we will be able to:

Your donation makes a difference
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